National Skilled Trades Day

Across the nation, many businesses require highly skilled workers to fill a multitude of trades in the healthcare, construction, manufacturing/industry, and service categories. Anyone can learn trades in a variety of fields from machinery and construction to medical and beauty. Whether you’re interested in becoming a chef or mechanic, working as a medical coder or assisting others as an Emergency Medical Technician, a nursing aide or a vet tech, choices are readily available.

Job statistics show there are more jobs than workers, too! A trend which will continue for the next couple of decades. Therefore, National Skilled Trades Day is as important today as in the future. Baby boomers retire faster than companies can fill job openings increasing the demand for skilled workers. Pair the drastic costs of a college degree making education unattainable for many and a skilled trade becomes the smart alternative.

Most skilled trades only need require a certification to start their career, which means they can begin earning with little to no debt from education. Typically, society has a hard time accepting the skilled trades route as a valuable career path, National Skilled Trades Day aims to change this misperception through raising awareness and helping show America the value in skilled trades. If we are going to create growth in our country, we must celebrate the vastly underrated jobs that fall under Skilled Trades.

As anyone in the Skill Trades sector will tell you, it’s rewarding to roll up your sleeves and put in an honest day’s work. In the skilled trades, you can have a career that offers above average pay, excellent benefits, healthcare and more. Whether working in the heating and cooling ventilation industry or cutting hair, skilled trades occupations won’t be replaced by machines or outsourced. They are in higher demand more than ever before.

The skilled trades community keeps our country grounded and moving forward. We call these very people to fix our cars, install new toilets, build our homes, take our blood and ensure our pets are healthy. So, on this first Wednesday of May, celebrate those in the skilled trades – it’s a true labor of love.