Personalized Recruiting Service

Creed Consulting Group partners with your immediate and future hiring needs to ensure your company retains the best candidates in the industry. We offer an industry competitive fee with flexible billing options suited to your company’s individual needs. Our permanent hire contract offers a 60 day replacement guarantee on each candidate your company retains through our services. 

We additionally donate a percentage of each placement to SCCADVASA. 

For more information on our Personalized Recruiting Services, please complete a Hiring Request.

Consulting Services

If you are seeking information and proven methods to help build your staff and hiring methods, we can offer consultative insight on an hourly basis. Your consultation will constructively cover the following information:

  • Key resources for job postings/resume parsing
    • Set-up of Indeed Account
    • Basic job description structure and information
  • Elements to identify when screening potential employees
    • Decisive questions to ask yourself and the potential employee
  • HR requirements
    • Full time employee vs part time vs 1099 contractor
  • When to retain our recruiting services

Our rates for the standard consulting service are $100 per hour, with a minimum of 2 hours.

For more information on our Consulting Service, please complete a Hiring Request.

Consulting+ Services 

Our enhanced consulting service will include the standard consultation, in addition to attending an afternoon of interviews with potential employees to assist you in the interview process. We will guide you on tuning into the “hiring instinct” an employer needs to utilize to spot authenticity in both the resume and the candidate. 

Our rates for enhanced consulting services are $100 per hour, with a minimum of 4 hours. We will traditionally spread this out over two separate dates, one date to provide the initial consulting and a second date to assist in the interview processes.

For more information on our Consulting+ Service, please complete a Hiring Request.


*All consulting services will come with a digital file consisting of interview questions, reference forms, and other resources to help with your hiring needs.

  • Interview questionnaire
  • Reference sheet
  • Job Description layout
  • Up to date HR policies from Labor Bureau
  • General salary guide
  • Guide to Posting on Facebook Job Board
  • Summary of job boards and expected demographics
    • Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, Facebook, Craigslist, Google Jobs

For more information on our Consulting+ Service, please complete a Hiring Request.