We believe in our partnerships. Our recruiting techniques challenge the status quo with innovative strategies encompassing a streamlined screening process, approachable interviews, and a simplified hiring process.

We power the workforce with our recruiting expertise.

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Creed Consulting Group offers an intuitive and streamlined process to completely optimize your efforts through becoming a personalized hiring solution. Our specialized recruiting and curated consulting services work with your immediate and future employment needs to ensure you retain the best candidates for your company. We guide you through your hiring efforts by presenting the best candidates, helping you conduct more focused interviews, and making data-driven hiring decisions.

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Kind Words From Happy People

What other people thought about the service provided by Creed Consulting

I am so pleased with the service that Creed Consulting offers. Mike is respectful and honest. He worked hard to find an opportunity to fit my requirements. I appreciate his efforts.

I’ve worked with a lot of recruiters and career promoters over the years, but Mike Gioia is special. Very special. Firstly, he is drop-dead honest with what the employer is offering and what you can expect to get. He gets to know you and gets a feel for your character and those abilities that do not come across in a resume. Then he takes your resume and his insight and fights for you. It is just that simple. Besides being a very personable fellow, he is crafty smart in the hiring biz. He is on my team and I recommend him to you without reservation.

I was impressed with the communication level provided by CCG. Michael made himself available making the process much smoother and manageable. It was a positive experience all around with Creed Consulting Group!

These guys are great! They helped me find a job while living in another state. Very professional service and communicated with me throughout the entire process. Now I’m working in my career field and really love my new company. Thanks Creed Consulting!

My first experience with an agency and Mike got me an interview ONE day after reaching out to me. I was offered the position the same day. Mike knew it was a great match and I am very grateful. Thank you Mike.

Being in the hospitality industry can make the job search process difficult. With long days, interviews are challenging to schedule and finding time to negotiate terms even more challenging. The Creed Consulting Group team went to bat for me and handled all of these details. They spoke with me on Friday afternoon and I had a job offer letter by the following Monday with the salary and benefits I wanted. The bonus was that I had the opportunity to work with a very well-known chef to expand my industry experience and knowledge. I highly recommend speaking to the CCG team for your hospitality career needs.

The Creed Consulting team worked tirelessly to negotiate my salary and benefits terms with my new employer. I have never been happier in my career and now have a clear path of growth ahead of me as well as work-life balance with my family.

Creed Consulting Group’s team will work numerous hours just to make sure your career is secure. Definitely trustworthy!

I have worked with Creed Consulting Group, both as a candidate and a client. Their group has the ability to locate the perfect candidate for your business needs.

Mike and the Creed Consulting staff have provided solid candidates in several different areas that have driven immediate impact to our growing business. They listened to my needs and did not waste my time with candidates that would not fit. Mike really went the extra mile on one particular search to fill a key staff member of my staff that has made a huge difference in my day to day operations.

I have never worked with a more dynamic, motivational professional in my life! Thank you Creed Consulting Group for helping me land this new job!

CCG found me the job I was really looking for.

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The Creed Consulting blog is your one-stop destination for tips, advice and insight you can use to hire engaged and productive employees or land a challenging and fulfilling job.

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